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Zombie Mission Survivor

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Zombie Mission Survivor

Wave after wave of zombies and mutant beasts ishes over you. In this game Zombie Mission Survivor, it's time to defend yourself! The heroes have weapons, but they must upgrade them by gathering wealth from the devastation caused by the zombies.

Resource Management:
- Pay close attention to your ammo and weapon durability. Conserve ammo when possible by using melee attacks up close.
- Look for opportunities to loot zombies or find ammo/health pack drops after clearing waves.
- Use any gold earned to upgrade your weapons damage, fire rate, ammo capacity etc. between waves.

Strategic Positioning:
- Try to control choke points and create kill zones where you can take out zombies in concentrated areas.
- If you have multiple players, coordinate who covers which area to maximize firing lanes.
- Make use of any environmental advantages like high ground, fortified positions, etc.

Prioritize Targets:
- Identify and take out any special zombie types or tougher variants first, as they can overwhelm you.
- Call out and focus fire on the zombie threats that move fastest or hit hardest.

- Don't stay hunkered in one position for too long as zombies will surround you.
- Have plan for fall back positions if you need to relocate during a heavy wave.
- Kite backwards while firing to buy reloading/healing time.

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