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The Daily Jigsaw

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The Daily Jigsaw

Never lose a piece by playing our free online The Daily Jigsaw! Every day, a new puzzle will be available for free. Our players tell us they play daily jigsaw to keep sharp, for brain training, and for a fun and new daily challenge, and that it is quickly becoming their favorite online game. What motivates you to play Daily Jigsaw? Please let us know!

Do you like the Daily Jigsaw? For a new challenge, go through all of our online jigsaw puzzles.

How to play

Begin by choose which Daily Jigsaw you'd like to complete.

Choose from three difficulty levels: easy, normal, or expert.

Start! It's a race against the time, remember!

To fit the jigsaw pieces together, click and drag them. The connections between the correct places will remain intact. To check your time, zoom, cycle piece configurations, preview the picture, or halt the game, utilize the toolbar at the top. To store pieces, use the tray at the bottom of the screen. For a higher score, do the problem as quickly as possible.

Every day, there will be a new jigsaw puzzle challenge!

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