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Subway Surfers World Mumbai

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Subway Surfers World Mumbai

Subway Surfers World Mumbai is a special themed edition of the popular endless runner mobile game Subway Surfers.

How to play

1. Objective: The objective remains the same - run endlessly while dodging obstacles and collecting coins/power-ups. But this time, the setting is the colorful and vibrant city of Mumbai, India.

2. Characters: You can play as the classic Subway Surfers characters like Jake, Tricky, or choose the new Mumbai-themed character named Vihaan, a tea vendor.

3. Environment: The Mumbai levels feature iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, double-decker buses and more as you run through the city streets.

4. Power-ups: Collect the classic power-ups like Jetpack, Jump Boost etc. But also look out for new Mumbai power-ups like the Auto-Rickshaw to hitch a ride.

5. Hoverboard: The fan-favorite Hoverboard sections return, with a Mumbai touch like Henna-inspired board designs.

6. Objectives: Complete missions and challenges unique to the Mumbai setting to earn rewards and progress.

7. Costumes: Unlock and dress up the characters in colorful Indian-themed costumes and outfits.

The core gameplay remains dodging obstacles, collecting coins/power-ups and running endlessly with stylized visuals and sounds capturing the essence of Mumbai. Use swipes and taps skilfully to navigate and stay ahead of the Inspector!

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