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Solitaire Tripeaks

The goal of the game is to move all of the cards from the three Peaks into the Waste. You can only move open cards to the Waste. A card is open if it is not covered by another card. At first, the bottom row is open from end to end. As you move cards from the Peak, you open other cards that you can then flip up and also open to move to the Waste.

You can move a card to the Waste if it has a rank that is either one higher or one lower than the card on top of the Waste. For example, you can move a 5 or 7 to the Waste if there is a 6 there. The Waste starts out empty, so you can move any card into it. You can "turn the corner," which means you can go K A 2 A K and use an Ace to replace a 2 or a K.

If you don't have a card in the Peak that can be turned into Waste, you can take one from the Inventory and turn it into Waste. You can only go through the Warehouse once, and you can't reset it, so don't use it unless you're sure you can't move any cards from the Peak.

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