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Robots World Battle

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Robots World Battle

Robots World Battle in combat in an epic tournament. Kill all of your adversaries.

Assemble Robots
- Choose from different robot parts and components
- Mix and match limbs, weapons, armor, etc. to build your custom robot fighter
- Different parts will give your robot varying abilities and stats

Fight in an Epic Tournament
- Enter your assembled robot into a fighting tournament/battle arena
- Face off against other player's robot creations or AI-controlled robots
- Series of one-on-one robot combat matches/rounds

Battle Mechanics
- Use different attack moves based on your robot's loadout (shooting, melee, special abilities)
- But also need to maneuver and defend against incoming attacks
- Depleting your opponent's health bar or forcing them into a ring-out wins the match

Destroy All Enemies
- Objective is to defeat every opponent robot put in front of you
- Take down tougher and tougher foes as you advance in the tournament
- Final challenge could be taking on a massive boss robot

- Earn credits, parts, unlocks based on your performance
- Use those to upgrade and customize your robot further
- Take your ultimate robot creation to the tournament finals

Let me know if I have the right idea! Building your own unique robot fighter, then piloting it through an epic robot battle tournament seems to be the core gameplay premise.

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